[NaB]A Protector, That does not Protect :(

So firstly, let me say that I Absolutely LOVE the game already. You guys are all doing a fantastic Job and Please Keep at it! Once this baby goes to steam you will surely see a very nice increase in players in general. That said, I have currently found an issue :frowning: So I have my workers… Who work. so very well… Then I have my Footman… (Yes currently only one) and I am just so very annoyed with him… because all he does is Pat around and never really help my villagers or stop the goblins from stealing all my crap unless they get NEAR him. (My villagers are messy people and tend to not want to bring all the wood in first before starting to build. So the goblins just keep on going back and forth and back and forth forever… I cannot tell my little Warrior to go over and fight for them or nothing. It makes me so sad. I love their own thought process and would love to just rather keep them around and let them do what they think is best… unless they do nothing… That I cannot have :frowning: This is my One large flaw with the game as of yet! Other than that keep up the amazing work!

get more footman more footman more ground coverage, or use the “defend” bell. the defend bell usually does the trick.
(for now at least)


Yep found that out a little after posting. Thank you! I just love my little footman, wish he would care after his Peers! :slight_smile: But for now, i’ll have the villagers support themselves haha!

Don’t worry, we’re all having a little trouble with the Footmen so far–poor chaps don’t really even have any strategies or commands to follow! Once some more of the game’s basic mechanics are up and running consistently, we’ll likely see some improvements for them and a wider diversity of entities to defend against.

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I suggest that this topic be closed and marked as not a bug as they are performing exactly as they should at this time.

Or perhaps merging if there’s another thread complaining about this.

For the moment I’ll do as you suggest.

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