[NaB] [205]Silver vein in dirt

Hi guys,

first, its absolutely amazing how often you can upload patches. :slight_smile:
I love this game more and more.

Now I don’t know if this happens often and if it is normal:




That’s some valuable dirt…


Maybe I found the philosopher’s stone, or rather it’s brother which can only transform dirt to silver.


Well well well, if it isn’t my nemesis Dirtvein… I knew you were around somewhere…

On topic:

MINE IT :smiley: (althought we don’t really have a use for silver yet.)


I’ve found veins in dirt as well. I think the motherload starts off in stone, but the vein can trail off. Thought of reporting it as a bug but it might be intentional


Yes, just found the motherload in stone aswell. I think its not really a bug, just wanted to report as it might not be normal.
Nonetheless nobody can have enough Silver, Gold or any other ore. :smiley:


I’m pretty sure in one of the streams he showed us the motherload mechanic and that it spawned in dirt. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it was dirt.

Correct. The motherlode is always in stone, but the veins can extend through dirt.


Is this working as intended though? I mean, I guess it makes finding ores easier, but I can’t help but feel the dirt layer should be ore free…

Agreed. Soil is essentially a combination of weathered sediment and decomposed or decomposing biological material. There can certainly be scattered bits of ore here and there in dirt, but full-fledged deposits are more of a rock strata occurrence.

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I just got this same answer from my geologist Buddy. He says you can find “shows” in the dirt (nothing like a vein ), to more abundant amounts. So maybe something weaker than a vein and more scattered could be implemented. Harder to follow but could eventually kinda lead you to a vein or lode

EDIT: this could be more prevalent around rivers


There is currently the chance to find ore randomly when digging, at least. Although I wouldn’t mind being able to physically see some tiny little patches of ore, just to make soil more interesting to look at and dig through. (Especially in canyons, valleys, and near rivers!)

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I suppose it is yes. Maybe the ore dropped could be a representation of a nearby lode (s)

This was intended so that ore is easier to access. Depending on how it affects gameplay, we could restrict veins to rock only in the future.

Thanks to everyone for feedback! Keep it up. We want to make the game that you want to play.

Also, a quick tip: Ore veins don’t appear until your hearthlings get just outside of vision range of the vein. So, send explorers near the mountains if you want to discover more ore.


I’ve liked the idea in Minecraft where one mod added ore gravel that you could sift for ores. Maybe something like this could be applied here too, where veins can extend into dirt, but only as some sort of… chunky bits? Not full ore, but rather parts. It could have a percentual chance of yielding ore, with its main function being to figure out where ore could be.