My new silver mine

Recently been playing stone heath again and discovered this good seed for a silver mine.
Was playing hard mode for about 3 in game weeks and had built up a small village. Due to the demand of stronger armor and weapons I was forced to set up a mine. I quickly built up a wall and a tavern nearby to protect the miner’s since the mine was away from the village.

when I was mining I started to relies there was a lot of silver veins since I did no have a smart enough smith yet I held on to it but started to find more and more veins. Recently I found this.

soon I had more silver then I wound ever use

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here is the seed and location for the silver. I had my start point closer to the lake

How polite of you to show the location of your riches. It would be a shame if someone… mined it all… *rubs hands *


That’s cool! Maybe you could also post this here, so more people will see it ^^:

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see the thing is ore veins are randomly generated even with the same seed so nobody will ever find that same silver vein on that seed in the same place, unless the random number gods are being particularly kind.

But I can’t find the mother of all ore veins on a seed tell Bob, Bill and Ben where it is and they will all find it, it just wont be there on there PC’s, hence there aren’t any ore related posts in the interesting world seeds thread…

I have seen several veins that yielded a lot more than 200 ores. I don’t think this is something you should consider when starting a map. Trees, mountains, plants… everything is more important. You can find more than enough ores all over all maps.

right underneath the silver was a lot of bronze

have I pleased the ore gods?