My Small Wishlist - Exploration, Terrain Editing, and Trading

Hey again everybody!,

So! Just a quick little wishlist I had that I wanted to jot down here really quick. As always, let me know what you think!

First, exploration!

As many of you may or may not know, Team Radiant has plans to make the edge of the world, the border, I think the agreed upon version was, an open book. And I think many of us, including myself, are okay with that! It sounds really cool actually! But! I would also argue that many others want to know about how the map itself will be expanded and how the game will play out once that map is finally completely conquered. If I remember correctly, I already made a post about this, so with that, I’ll just serve this as a reminder that I would vote in favor of having a style similar to that of Sim City 4.

That’s where you start off with an initial piece of land and, let’s say, if you build a road going off the map, that would then connect you to another map piece. I think with Stonehearth, this would be the perfect addition! I’ve seen many people in the forms here want a sort of system where you build up your kingdom on the first piece of land you get and then you can send out scouting parties to explore additional tiles. So, yeah, I just think it would be the perfect fit. But, but, but! I think Map Expansion / Map Exploration is a huge and under-discussed topic, so let’s talk about it! Share your ideas!

Second, Terrain Editing. Now, this is another feature from Sim City 4… Haha, sorry, but that game was really good! Anyway, in that game, once you bought your first piece of land, you could first go into “God Mode” and edit the terrain in any way you wish - build lakes, rivers, mountains, place trees, animals, whatever it may. Then once you were finished you lost those powers and then finally started the actual building portion of the game. For Stonehearth, I think that’s also perfect! With a game so based around the idea of customization and building whatever you want, I think being able build your own map before anything else would not only add to the customization of your building, but would also allow you to change how you play the game ten-fold!

Third and finally, trading… Now… this one is a bit eccentric, but I just wanted to mention because, hey, why not, right?

Anyway, my last idea is this. From what I recall, there are plans to have those traders we consistently get actually spawn into the game and visit our town, rather than just being a pop-in menu. This is a great idea! But! Here’s one of my most beloved ideas I’ve had since Minecraft… Oh, and fun fact, they’re planning on doing this in the newly announced game, Kingdom and Castles. If you haven’t heard about that game, check it out, it looks fun.

Anyway, anyway, back on topic… For the trader, at the start of the game, he will visit your town where your flag lies. I add an additional idea here and throw in, how about after you reach Tier Two, you’ll need to build a market and or marketplace where the trader will visit and will unlock new and greater trade deals. But, let’s take it even further. What if you reach Tier Three, or even have an island town / city? Well, my idea is to have the ability to build a dock, and then once you do that, a trader will then visit your town via ship and this will grant you a very large amount of goods to trade and sell, but will happen less than the on-foot trader to put some economic balance into it.

Also, just to make mention of it, Team Radiant are not planning on putting boats into this game. Also not to mention that they just recently added water… so… you know… there’s that. But! I would play Devil’s Advocate and say that having a ship on rails would be different than creating a boat that’s controllable and you can physically interact with. So maybe! Maybe it’s possible…

… Then again I would also add that I still have a 90’s flip phone and use AOL e-mail even as a college graduate student, so there’s also a good chance I have no idea what I’m talking about…

BUT! As always, let me know what you guys think! I look forward to some discussion on this.