My mod - fencer in furniture and handrail

Hello i duplicate the fence for use in template.
it is my first time doing this so if you have commente…

here the mod : v0.4 : CE_mod.smod (441.2 KB)

here the example (v0.1) :

here the example (v0.2) :

the original fence is in construction part so i cant use in template.
it is a good training for my first mod. i think i have to create mod fence style for create a good handrail.

here the example (v0.3) :

here the example (v0.4) :

you can find the VoxelShop file in the smod if you want change the base color. (CTRL+A on layer, CTRL+DEL for change color)

version :
0.1 :

  • first try
    0.2 :
  • correction in collision shape (yes debug tool)
  • correction in description
  • add item for starting a fence when need a wall.

0.3 :

  • Adding item handrail (Start / End)

0.4 :

  • Adding wall handrail vertical (left and rail)
  • Adding wall handrail horizontal (pole, 2d, 3d, angle1, angle2)

0.5 : (… dunno)

here my configuration for exporting the model in .qg in VoxelShop


This is nice @artifus! Unless you know how to do it with the placementtool, you could not do this before. Will you expand this mod to other items aswell? doors, windows, trees and so on?

it is simple to do. i juste copy from the base and move to furniture.
i can create a new qb file but the @@@ of “model_origin” or “region_origin” and the region_collision_shape in dont know how to use it.

i need a schema for understand…

what to you want to move ?

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here a try for a handrail :

i am not a artis in cub and the color is not very… :stuck_out_tongue:
i try now to place on wall.


here i cool error in my mod.
scaling fault :stuck_out_tongue:


awesome idea. tired of making railings out of wood blocks lol.

question tho! does this mod still get support? it says the OP hasn’t been updated since last month.

oh and how do i add the railings? the OP only says how to change it’s color not how to add them in game.

you have to copy the smod in you directory of the game. ah go one…
in the file smod (zip) you have the orginal file for recreate the .qb if you want change the color.
you cant change color in game.

oh but i still don’t understand how to create the railings on the stairs. i don’t see the option available in the building menu. so what do i do to add the railings? you should put that in your description as to how to do it because there doesn’t seem to a button or a object listed there or something like that in the different building menus.