My mixins fail?

i have had this problem for quite some time, like for about monday, and i have really been quite mad about it cause i just can’t figure out the problem.

I got this problem were i get this error:

and afterwards this:

and i clicked on the wooden bow… :confused:

this is my code in the manifest

and this is the recipe:


Are you using Stonehearth Expanded mod?

no im modding myself
and i just can’t find the problem

There is no stonehearth:resources:wood
So the game fails because that item does not exist

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oh whoops xD, but is it then wooden_log?
and also i can’t see the pictures of my recipes i made myself. like fx a sword as tool
were here there should be atleast a sword which is crossed. any idea why?

I see sometimes the mod name is fury, sometimes is sniper, and others is modtest. You need to fix those.
Also for the portraits, I’m not sure if the way you did would work. But this is how I did it:
“portrait” : “/archipelago_biome/entities/decoration/anchor/anchor.png”,
It is preceded by a slash /

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i just fixed what u said :slight_smile:
But it does still have the same issues :confused:
with the errors inside of stonehearth
u were really helpfull tho :slight_smile:

Also i have now removed the were the recipies should go into.
and now there is no problem what so ever :confused:
and i don’t understand why

i got the 2 talismans there in game but i can’t promote my hearthlings too them

I think this video might help you out with the Berserker class

in the requirements screen it says “A footman level 6” is that a description. it probably doesn’t register the talisman as an actual requirement, especially since it isn’t in the requirements. are you sure that you linked the talisman to the requirement properly? it also says “modtest.class” and jobs.fury are you sure that it just doesn’t register these as an actual file domain?