My Minions Aren't Crafting!

My minions wont craft things. idk why.
What Happend And How I Know:

  1. My Crafters don’t grab stuff and/or craft anything

Expected Results:
to craft a item
Actual Results:
stand idle with no resources
game breaking

Version Number and Mods in use:
1.1.0 (release 949) x64 build, no mods

So I’m at The Ogre Horde Thing, I’m trying to craft things but my minions won’t craft. When i look at there inventory when they pick something up, it doesn’t go into they’re inventory, idk how to fix the bug, but its really gamebreaking. I have 26 people. If anyone could help, that’d be amazing!

dothey have the workbenches, resources and level they need to craft the item you want