My latest Build: The Vineyard Estate (Work in Progress)

Hey there, everybuddy :grin:

Since i see so many cool builds and posts of awesome stuff, i wanna share one of my latest builds with you.
It started out with the idea to build a mediterranean-themed vineyard-estate and now slowly develops into a little village.
I hope you enjoy the pics!

wall, towers & a gate

pretty sure nobody is getting through this door :grin:

vineyard hill & big storage building in the back


Soo, as you can see theres still plenty of empty space, just to be filled with your suggestions and ideas, if you want. :slight_smile:
Im livestreaming this build on my twitch channel (, as often as my time allows it. (job, etc.) thats mostly on the weekends tho, sometimes midweek between 7pm and 10pm CEST. So if you want me to name a hearthling after you and have some cool ideas you wanna see implemented in the build - feel free to check the stream out and have a little chat with me :blush:

Looking forward to hear your feedback! Please tell me how i can improve and what i could do better :slight_smile:
Im gonna update this post from time to time, if theres some relevant new stuff to show!


that looks awsome… though perhaps stairs in the vinyard might look better than ladders… lol

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thanks! :smile: i might add them later - its a work in progress after all :slight_smile:

Nice one, will see how it turns out later on :wink:

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Gonna stream some after todays’ dev stream. Either gonna add a lighthouse or a windmill to the village today, probably another house aswell. I’d feel flattered to welcome you guys in my stream today, really looking forward to have a chat about the game with you guys :slight_smile:

Should be starting around 7pm CEST and go for ~3hours

Ur streaming around banto’s streaming. =p

Ooops, didnt know that. Didnt mean to crash into his streamtime, but theres simply no other time i can find to stream, due to my job and all that… :sweat:

Have no worries have no fear. There actually are 5 streamers so far that i know streaming 19-23.

If all things set up nicely im gunna try streaming 13-15hr. First waiting for the mic i ordered

Thats actually great. Its abou time the stonehearth section on twitch livens up a little! Its such a great game and people should stream and show how fun it is :grin:

Yup, but my laptop aint that great, so will see how it goes