My current test results

latest alpha
I’ve had this game on 8 hrs.I’ve had many memory leaks.
The game has always fixed those with save and reload method.
At some point hearthlings failed to place a bed.I got a error code.
I continued to play until at 29 hearthlings the workers and only workers went idle.
They will eat and sleep.
The trappers AI is funky sometimes with only job checked traps full he will go do other things.
The trapper wants to chop harvest and haul items.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. This is hard to reproduce because you realy have to tax the system and play for along while.
  2. I did however and its here again.

Expected Results:
Hearthlings to use the AI in therapist as well as build.
Actual Results:
workers went braindead will still move.I Guess they more or less space out anything thats not eating or sleeping.Trapper not to go chop wood or haul junk around.
The game was realy smooth!I managed to keep memory usuage down to 2.5GB or less by saving and reloading!cpu usuage 72%highest on launch the rest of the time at and around 50%.
Dual core testing 3.8ghz is still 100% cpu with all nonessential programs and processes trimmed off.(a little laggy but actualy palyable!)


Versions and Mods:
Latest steam.No mods
System Information:
Win 10 16GB quadcore 3.8ghz all drivers up to date.

Save upload on the way!

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