My amberstone hearthling has been destroyed

So I use ACE and additionally Hearthlings of Many Faces because I want to create inhabitants like my friends. Recently rabbits joined me and the HoMF UI didn’t appear so all is well… But the next time I started the game this UI appeared and I accidentally clicked on change appearance. I quickly went back to what it was at the beginning in the settings. Unfortunately my bunny was destroyed and I noticed it only after overwriting a few more saves and I can’t undo it. Is there any way to reverse this or reset the appearance?

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Yes, there is.

You must go to the main menu, click “Mods”, find the “Debug Tools” mod on the left and activate it.
Once active, load the game and apply the mod changes…

When inside the game you’ll see the Debug Tools UI.

Select the LUA console tool (the blue > on the bottom right) and when the server console opens, type this:


Make sure to have the rabbit citizen selected, and then press Enter

Works for me. Thank you!

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