Appeal editor for Hearthling

Please tell me how can I edit these fields for a selected Hearthling? Some kind of cheat code or can someone make a mod?

(p.s. yandex translated)

i dont know of anyone that has writen a system for that one yet.
to be honest i never, ever look at that stuff so personally i wouldnt mind if someone just flat out removes this part of it…

Came up with a rough way to solve this issue:

  1. Write a mod in which can force to expose only certain items that will be in each category (Like, Love, Dislike)
  2. Thus, each new settler who comes to you will have selected preferred items in these categories.
  3. For each new settler will have to change the settings (overwrite the mod)

Can anyone advise how can implement it?

well the devil is in the details, you would need to have it configurable ingame (if you do it out of game you break multiplayer, since the mod would not be the same as the steam version…)
which would require a new UI, and lots of difficult lua code. i can help with a lot, but there are like, 3-4people modding nowdays that could possibly do this, and they are all busy with other things (and 2 of those are doing ACE… so i think you are best off looking to disable it (easier) or another mod.

Hmm, and can you suggest what files are responsible for the generation of objects in the tastes of hearthling? I’ll try to think of something myself :thinking:

It’s in stonehearth/components/appeal/appeal_component.lua, specifically AppealComponent:generate_item_preferences().


Thanks :wink:

That the nothing not was able devise. Is there any way to edit game objects through a save file or in-game? Can as any can be replace these sink?

Open the lua console.
Select the desired hearthling
Type in the console:


It will generate a new random set of items


at least so, thanks)

Hmm, and more specifically prescribe items through lua console perhaps?