Multiple Races and New AI post-alpha?

Considering the theme of the game I believe that it would be very nice down the line to add perhaps a Dwarves and Elves that end up settling in the world that have their own AI personalities that are generally friendly unless you choose to destroy them. This is more over adding something like a Civilizations 1-6 element and perhaps playing as that race would be very nice too.

**With that being said playing as i.e Dwarves you may come across a human settlement or elf settlement. Each with their own very special traits of course.

About playing other races: Currently a third human alliance is in development, although not much is known about them, there has been said they live in a northern climate

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Dwarves are one of the future playable races already set into the to-do list, along with bunny people. There’s room for Elves too, although they’re not formally listed yet there is “and plenty more surprises.”

Either way, in future alphas it will be more practical to mod in entire new races, since there won’t be so many mechanics “left hanging” it will mean less work keeping mods up to date since there will be less frequent updates (purely because they won’t be needed as much, or eventually at all… in other words, we eventually get the “complete” game and modding takes over for all our new content desires.)

I would definitely love to see Elves as a counter-point to Dwarves, if for no better reason than it would be nice to have a playable race that relies upon above-ground resources rather than underground ones.


Since the introduction of knights and archers I really hope for a elven races which heavily focuses on laying traps + archer units and no footmen/knights, while the dwarves focus only on warmachines /catapults etc.) and heavy close combat units. :slight_smile:


I loved the idea.
But, for me, to create more races, need to have some classes in the game to make the feature of each race.
Like, for Elves, they can to have Summon mages, CC (crowd control) mages and assassins.
For Dwarves, they can have berserkers and other classes xD

Yeah I think to add special traits for different races would be something that is inevitable in the event the Devs decide to pump out the new races/species. Now that we’re already on this subject of different classes I think it’d be pretty damn cool if they did something with current classes on what we already have.

Would we get a musketeer upgrade for archers/knights?
Would we get a battlemage/warlock after cleric?

The tech tree for the Hearthlings have so much potential would be great to see it live up to it.

I’d hope that Dwarves have only slow units – so yeah, catapaults and cannons and the like would be great, but also really slow and tanky knights that can draw aggro… they’d have massive health and deal massive damage, but can easily be picked off by faster enemies. They have to rely on their crossbowmen allies (slow moving, slow to fire, good range and damage) or emplaced siege weapons to deal with enemy rangers, while the knights hold the line and never back down.

Conversely, Elves would rely on speed to never get caught. They’d be squishy, but deal good damage and have great rangers and spellcasters. I’d also imagine they have very fast swordsmen and possibly spearmen who can fight “from arms’ reach”, hitting and running with their swords or relying on the spears’ range to keep enemies at bay. At the same time, traps would be extremely useful in this strategy since they allow the Elves more opportunities to break up large enemy groups, to stun really dangerous enemies, or simply buy more time for the archers/mages to thin their numbers.

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