Multiple possible bugs, one save game

Multiple possible bugs in one save game. If needed, I can create separate reports for each for cleaner categorization, but will link each back to this report, as each will share the same save game link.

  • Engine Error - Water / Fluid related (which is probably causing my weird-looking moat)
  • Unlootable mob drops, and possibly related, trapper drops aren’t always being collected.
    ** EDIT: Upon further review, this appears to be happening because mob drop location code does not appear to check for hearthling path viability, leading to drops that appear underneath structures, underwater, etc. For example, see this save, where a mob drop spawned under my bridge, and another dropped in the lake.
  • Unbrewable Healing Tonic - Maintain order shows invalid even though requisite ingredients are now available (they weren’t yet available when I first created the order, if that matters).
    ** EDIT: Disregard this. Human error. I’d placed the wrong workbench by mistake. Herbalist seems to be working fine so far.
  • Stuck builders - Just building a stock sleeping quarters with nothing up against any of its borders. They might unfreeze upon a Shift-F5 or full savegame reload. Edit: Confirmed, all stuck builders resumed working immediately upon reload. You can see them all pile off the building at the same time when loading this save. One more note: When they were stuck, the therapist UI’s current activity copy was rapidly switching between idle and building, suggesting they were stuck in a logic loop somewhere. Also, I gained a new Hearthlings while the other workers were stuck, and the new worker jumped in to help and got stuck too. All were freed on a reload.

Save Game

Missing Current Activity copy:

Stuck Builders?:

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 14, Dev 2786 - Vanilla (no mods)

System Information:
Windows 10, x64
Nvidia Geforce GTX 965M
Intel Core i7-4720 HQ CPU

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I’m OK with one report, but the devs might want otherwise. Do you have the text of the engine error you mentioned?

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Sorry, I was too efficient :frowning:…moved the engine error over to an existing report:

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