Multiple Blacksmiths Prioritisation

When you have two blacksmiths and multiple items queued using the ‘maintain’ option the first blacksmith will take the first applicable item in the queue, the second blacksmith the second applicable item in the queue. Instead of both blacksmiths working on the same first priority item. e.g. Blacksmith one works on Iron Ingot, second blacksmith on Tin Ingot…instead of both on Iron Ingots.

I also checked that the the first blacksmith’s action would not fulfil the criteria for the first priority item. So the condition for both blacksmiths to work on the iron ingot was valid.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Queue at least two types of ingot using the ‘maintain’ option e.g. 20 of each. Also have the materials available in the stockpile.
  2. Have two active blacksmiths
  3. Using the ‘Citizens’ screen watch their ‘current activity’

Expected Results:
Both blacksmiths would work on the same top priority queued item.

Actual Results:
THey take the first and second priority items,.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Release-687 (x64)

System Information:
Windows 10

I actually like it this way, cause I can have two (or more) different items being worked at the same time. And if I need both crafters to work on the same item, I make two requests of the same item.

What I don’t like is that sometimes one crafter is queued for multiple items while the other is not and is there just wasting time instead of grabbing one of the free orders and work on it.

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I do agree on the aspect of the other not doing anything and wasting time, I think it could be cool to implement a hearthling notion for help to his/her fellow crafter to come over and assist the order.

There’s an even more insteresting issue relevant to this one. If you have two blacksmiths and two items in a queue, they will never take the jobs of each other even when one of them has “Job” ticked OFF.
I have a lvl4 blacksmith switched to “haul” only, and an apprentice switched to “Job” only. I make an order to craft 2 tin ingots and 2 copper ingots. Both orders need no expertise to be done meaning even an apprentice can do the job. However, my apprentice picks the tin, forges it, but never gets to work on copper. It is marked as “in progress” in the queue (green) but no one actually works on it!

My suspicion is it is “assigned” to lvl4 blacksmith, but since she has “Job” switched off it never gets done.
So the issue is somewhat more severe than one may think :slight_smile:

Upd: Just checked it. If I tick “Job” back ON for my main BS she gets to work immediately. If I tick it back OFF she gets back to hauling things, but the order does not get reassigned.

Upd2: If I demote my main lvl4 BS back to workers, the apprentice gets to work.

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