Multiplayer stuck on chicken

Hello. I don’t know where else to ask, but maybe someone has come across an endless loading (chicken) in multiplayer. We play through steam, both have stable fast internet. 1 time out of 1000 the game can load and everything will be fine, without any lags. Is there any way to fix this?

I’m not much of a geek or knowledged on this type of stuff, but I would like to know more to see if I can probably pitch in some help. Does your chicken spin in this endless wait or is it frozen in place. I would say one possibility would be that the server you’re trying to join already has a lot of content and has a lot of megabytes for your pc to load in, making it a lot more difficult to join. I’ve had this problem where it would take the longest time or I would crash when we reached a pretty far stage in the game. And I am presuming that the endless chicken is after you have confirmed the mods page right?

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  1. Yes chicken after mod page, it’s not endless. After 1+ hour it will load with lags.
  2. Sometimes (1 in a 1000) it’s working fine
  3. We tried with and without mods with different settings (fresh world all settings were as low as possible with small desert and 10 citizens). We also tried non steam connection.