Multiplayer Questions

Do you have an unanswered question about Multiplayer? We’re thinking of doing another Desktop Tuesday about advanced multiplayer topics soon, so if you’ve got a question you’d like us to answer, or if there’s a question you’ve already got an answer to, but that you feel needs to be messaged out to a larger audience, PSA style, please shout it out here. :slight_smile:

  1. Multiplayer roadmap overview would probably be helpful. What’s definitely planned, rough priority, what’s not planned and why, etc.
  2. Current known bugs/issues, and any progress updates you may have on resolving them.
  3. Current thoughts and ideas the team has so far based on current community feedback

If in the latest multi build templates will be fixed this will be outdated, otherwise: psa:
As long as the host of a multi game also has the templates of the joining client, they can use their templates in the new builder.

Edit for questions: priorities and what’s next on the horizon


It would be nice is there were Multiplayer servers like once you have solve all the bugs have it so there be servers so people can easily join their friends that way without having to invite them all

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Is there a long term plan (or short term!) to make MP feel more connected other than trading and helping each other fight monsters?

For Example

  1. Building Together (Heard this was planned)
  2. Trading Hearthlings to some capacity…
  3. Joint Events
  4. Inter-town conversations with Hearthlings

Number 1 is being worked on, and 4 is already a thing if your hearthlings are close enough together. The rest, no clue.

Last I heard they hadn’t come to a decision on how to handle trading hearthlings, where did you hear this?

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Bugger, typo, I meant 1!

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“Trading hearthlings” is WIP. The current approach is that you can set any hearthling of yours to work for someone else instead of you (temporarily).


Ooo, i like this. So it’s just a toggle? Lovely.

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That’s awesome! Are there any plans to stop your Hearthlings from wandering over to your friends’ towns? I know some of my friends expressed frustration when trying to queue up jobs and their Hearthlings were across the map in another town. If that toggle exists, it’d be nice to have another toggle to stop Hearthling interaction (unless you sent your combat Hearthlings to aid in defense of another person’s town, that is).

Them going to the other town is usually due to bugs (thievery), and those are being fixed.