Multiplayer Co-op Suggestion

This idea is completely outrageous
But it sure does sound cool

Just a thought I had while I was fantasizing about multiplayer gameplay.
I’ve seen suggestions such as ruins and dungeons and this is sort of where I’ve drawn my inspiration.

A Co-op type campaign scenario.
Where the goal is cultivate a party of Hearthlings from Zeroes to Heroes, and to have them venture off and defeat the “Demon Lord” – Why yes I do watch amine / read mangoes

What the players can do

  • Each player can only grow one Hero (At a time perhaps, in case they die)

  • Heroes can be upgraded versions of the combat classes.
    – E.g. Sally Beefcake the Footman >–to–> Sally Beefcake the Heroic Footman

  • The heroes could be spawned in a number of different ways
    – Chosen at the beginning (To maximise growth time)
    – Normal Hearthling is given a special item (Could be crafted or otherwise)
    – A special one time power the player could use on the Hearthling

  • Players will train and equip their heroes individually, and when the time comes (However it may, by time limit or when all players have voted they are ready) the heroes gather and form their adventuring party.

  • Heroes can only hit their level cap while in adventure mode.
    – While under player control, max level could be 5 or something low. (This way the heroes can’t be used like super overpowered guards)

  • Once the adventure has started, players are notified and can check the progress whenever they feel like.

  • The heroes are completely automated once in adventure mode. They will venture from place to place, visiting ruins, dungeons, camps, villages (including player villages), completing quests and other nonsense.

  • Players can not spawn new heroes until the current party has perished (Seems harsh dunnit? but I don’t expect that it will always go smoothly)

  • If they survive/level up enough, the party of heroes will eventually make their way to the Demon Lords castle/tower/dungeon/humble abode (Could be randomly generated)

  • Force players to watch the epic battle. (Pause the world)
    – This could have scripted animations, but still allow the battle of RNG’s to take place behind the scenes.

  • If the Heroes win they can sacrifice themselves in some spectacular series of events to stop a final attack.

  • Want to avoid them coming back to the village all super strong and being used like over powered guards

  • Once the Demon Lord is defeated :

  • Players can end the game there.

  • Players can continue the game as normal
    – With the added spoils from defeating the Demon Lord

  • A new Demon Lord could appear, stronger than before (Raising the level cap of the heroes)

  • The heroes themselves will be completely independent from the players, so they won’t come help the village if it’s being attacked unless they’re close enough. So in this way, creating a military will still be important.

  • Players can still try playing an active role in the quest by assisting with troops, or by fulfilling requests made by the heroes (Such as food or equipment when they visit a village)

What the Demon Lord can do

  • The Demon Lord will do what you expect them to do

  • Wreck havoc and be a general nuisance

  • More specifically, it will be things like sending out raiding parties (Similar to Goblins, except a bit stronger in most cases I suppose)

  • Altering terrain, such as making it look purpleish and evil, allowing monsters to spawn during the day.

  • Creating outpost type areas and dungeons (which the heroes can visit and destroy)

  • The Demon Lord’s base should spawn a fair distance away from everything else.

  • Once the Demon Lord is defeated, any terrain changes and outposts that were created will revert/crumble


So that’s what I thought about.
It’s pretty much normal Stonehearth with that added scenario on the side you can keep an eye on.


hmm… though not eaxactly, it sounds kinda like Stonehearth 2 & 3 yes, those are things that are being planned


They’re already planning sequels?

Although I suppose once they get #1 finished, it wouldn’t be hard since they’d have most of the assets already.

I look forward to seeing what 2 & 3 will have to offer in that case.

well, lets just say that 2 & 3 are kinda just “daydreams” TR most likely wont make them, heres a brief description of the games,

  • 1 well, thats whats currently being made, its a city/town builder + lots of other genres.

  • 2 is a “RPG”, you play as a hearthling hero, who you customize/design at the beginning. you go around and explore player built towns and citys from 1, fighting monsters, defending the village and other stuff.

  • 3 is a dungeon builder, instead of building towns, now you build dungeons as an evil mastermind. you have to defend your dungeon and loot by getting more monsters to keep it safe.

now i may have gotten 2 & 3 mixed up, as the “heroes” are the ones who would be going and attacking the dungeons from 3…


I don’t remember hearing about those, @8BitCrab. Do you have a source for that information?

well… maybe im just going crazy… but when i first joined (around alpha 5) there was a bit of talk about that, it was mentioned in a stream or something from my understanding, @SteveAdamo do you know anymore about these? also, note that they are just daydreams


I would have been around then, but either I missed them or I just forgot. Probably the former. I do remember some talk about RPG elements and such, but not in the context of a Stonehearth 2 or 3 or anything like that.

I understand that, but they sound like very interesting daydreams. I hope @SteveAdamo remembers.

that could be it, as when i first heard about them it was more like hushed talk and whispers, and in those it almost seemed more of a joke then reality. i was new then and didnt always get everyones jokes…

edit: heres a thread i made when i first joined the discussion,


i do recall livestream discussions around potential future titles from Radiant (in the same general SH universe)… I specifically remember @Tom mentioning a first person perspective game mode…

in fact, there’s a quote in @Geoffers747’s old Q&A thread:

Can I take control of one of the guys in first person?
No. That’s a whole other game. I’m serious, we have a design for a whole new game where you play as an adventurer in cities and worlds built in Stonehearth. We have to finish Stonehearth first though. :wink:

as for a third title they may be considering, I think we’ve heard it vaguely mentioned as well, but I confess the specifics have been lost to the ages… or, just my old age… :smile:


well, at least this proves im not going crazy :laughing: