Multi Parent Class Requirement

Without giving away more than I may have already done is it possible to create a class that requires two (or more) parents? Lets say like an herbalist and cook to make healthier food or the such? Looking through a bunch of lua such as in the base_job.lua it doesn’t look like vanilla will allow for it. And maybe not without a significant override of a bunch of lua.


Had given this some thought too (like needing 2 blacksmiths) I didn’t think up a sollution yet.

Well, beyond sub assemblies. One class makes one part, the second takes that and finishes it.

oh now you get me all excited! i am already working my hearthlings up in their second proffesion and it would be so cool for late game to have a goal with that! :sunny:

Oh that would be cool too! But that definitely isn’t in the current lua.

Yeah I am not sure it is doable without rewriting some stuff :frowning: I am still hopeful that team Radient might have a way.

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Sorry to necro, not sure if you were still trying to do this, but the functionality will be available in ACE.

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