Multi-opportunity classes

Based on the kickstarter class tree, this one, to be exact…

Despite the fact it is not overly accurate anymore, it tells us that the possibility of multiple was to get certain classes is likely. So I was thinking. Perhaps we could get certain passive bonuses to these jobs depending on what they promote from? For example, let’s say there’s a… Mounter class, which can be promoted from either the footman or the rancher. The footman promotion could give a passive bonus to damage dealt, while the rancher could give a passive to the animals speed and how well he gets along with the animal. (Obviously the rancher would give the superior passive, seeing as he’s harder to get than a footman.) Furthermore, different classes promoted from could give unique abilities? Going back to the Mounter, the rancher could have more animal-oriented abilities, while the footman could have weapon-oriented abilities.

Tell me what yall think and I’ll see ya later!


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Expanding on the Mounter example a bit…

Rancher ability: Charging beast;
Because the once-rancher is more compassionate towards his mount, it can charge into battle at incredible speeds for a short amount of time.

Footman ability: Spear flip
Because of his past experience as a footman, the Mounter has the extra strength and knowledge to flip enemies off the ground using his spear/lance

Hey Sanwitch,

we really have the same way of thinking^^

Here is part of my a thought I had on more passive bonusses.
I was thinking of creating tools to improve the Hearthlings efficiency in their jobs.
Like give a smith leather clothing the “sewing person” created, this would help the smith in real live and there for give a buff to him in game.

This could be realised for all kinds of jobs with all kinds of things


  • leather clothing
  • pillars


  • leather clothing
  • crane
  • somthing to smoth stone surfaces in old times :smile:


  • this wooden bread handle thing to put bread in and out ovens
  • knife to cut things up


  • a flute
  • a pet dog
  • sweets to bait his animals

-finer set of tools (but they will be part of my next suggestion the workshop axpansions :wink: )


  • special clothing again
  • bait


  • bucket to colect fertilazer from the sheep or water
  • These stick guys to shy og crows

Sew guy:

  • iron needle

All these thing would neet to be construckted by other professions to improve speed of someone elses work.

Cheers Pyro

Hooo boy, I can see the variables from here on this possibility!

I personally think it would be a fantastic touch, with a hint of diversity for people between games, especially with the Attribute factor in now.

I can clearly see Archer would be steaming from Trapper (In this form at least), those hunting abilities probably have the fletchling time to shoot at his trapped prey, before skinning and collecting their meat. An Archer that can use Snares to trap his enemy, is truly a dangerous Archer indeed~

A Cook with Farming experience could easily distinguish between the choice pieces of vegetation, where as a cook with trapping experience, could get more out of meat production. The possibilities from the Muli-classes bit is endless~