Mountain Army Bug

Mountain Army not leaving when using Wind Chimes. This happens after completion of dialogue chain. Mountain Army continues to run around village in neutral state. Hearthlings continue to work around army.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Mountain Army invades with wind chimes already up
  2. started and completed dialogue chain
  3. continue to run around village.

Expected Results:
Mountain Army leaves after dialogue chain.
Actual Results:
Mountain Army does not leave and does not give item.
Attempted to remove wind chimes to turn Mountain Army hostile but does not correct the issue. Save is stuck in this state. Reloading does not fix.

Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information: 8b509f18-c25c-11e7-b467-e03f498198c5

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the mountain must get close to the chime to trigger the dialog
the chime was far from the path they used to your town?
if they are not atacking then check your notifications, there should be some dialog
oohh nevermind… i missed the first part of your report :sweat_smile:

can you upload the save?

Had this happen once as well. Completed the dialogue with the Mountain and he ran around for about 10 minutes then poof’d.

Recently playthroughs have not had this issue, however.