Gosh darnit mountain!

Summary: I placed the windchime so I didnt have to get ran over by Ogos army, My soldiers started attacking them and then stopped. Mountain did not want to be friendly, but also could not attack me. Result: a paficist army, a whole fecking goblin army rnning around my town and people not exiting their homes because of their fear.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place the windchime
  2. Let your army attack when the goblins charge
  3. THey will both enter “pacifist mode” and your town will be ruined because you cant kick the enemies out

Expected Results:. Your army should be Totally neutral when you deploy your windchime

Actual Results: Explained above

Notes: uhhh…

Attachments: None

Version Number and Mods in use: No mods, version 0.20 release 701, 64X build

System Information: 3,50 Ghz. 64 bit Operative System, AMD-FX six-core precessor. Windows 7 ultimate

NvM, after reloading my saved file for the fifth time it was all fixed. Next time… I hope to be this lucky

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