More performant engine?

I was toying with a mockup then turn on a few eye candy within the voxel editor. The result is pretty despite there is no control on individual material (apart color).

So I was wondering what about a touch of reflection on water, soft shadows and a bit of deep of field in Stonehearth? A bit like this:

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I think water’s definitely going to be graphically tweaked in the future.

Proper soft shadows can be a lot of work to implement, and often a lot of computing. I’d love to see them as an option later, though. They might have to wait for Beta.

That depth of field is a bit too strong for me. I wish we had some way to mod rendering [sort of like Minecraft’s shader mod and its shaders], though, because this, tilt-shift and other nifty graphical effects would make for a ton of modding material.