Mantle Implementation?

Hey everyone. I was wondering if anything was mentioned about Mantle being implemented in the game. I know Mantle kicked off after Stonehearth started development but is there a possibility of Stonehearth having Mantle integration? According to AMD Representatives (take with a grain of salt) Mantle has the power to improve rendering by 20-50%. This could greatly change the amount and complexity of visual effects. Just curious as to if this is an option.

The game engine uses Horde3D for rendering. If the developers for that ever picks it up then I’m sure it would be relatively easy for the devs to put it in the game as well. All of these seem pretty far stretched at the moment (from what I can gather).

The only known mantle games as of now are the Frostbite engine games (e.g. BF4), StarCitizen and a few other studios.

Given the spec for mantle is not even released yet. It will be a long time before any non-big-publisher games will pick it up. Frankly I don’t see why the devs would want to waste resource on it either. At least not any time soon. If ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

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