More people but less brain

when we have more people than 10 , all become more slow, they don’t make their “job”, or take more and more time to do the same job when I had 3 or 4 fellows .

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hey there @siatos … welcome aboard! :smiley: can you please take a screenshot of the UI?
upload it to and provide the link here… additionally, which build are you playing?
Can you also provide details of your system information?

How are those game id’s used, are the logs actually being sent back to SH headquarters?

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i believe so, yes… if you opt into the reporting process, the ID is sent along with the report… can anyone else confirm?


Yes, I think so. (Only Radiant can confirm, but I’m 90% sure that it works in that way).


Yup, if you opt into sending us crash reports, your ID is the only identifying piece of information on your crash report data.


The small red point it’s poeple , I have told their to mine in the north … but all " idle " same the footman …
I have a big config, (i don’t know exactly ).
(sory for the fault , i’m french and my english it’s so bad )

Same for me. strange behalvior., all idle but when i promote 2 footman… Ohh… all reworks…
I have before :
2 foorman, 16 workers , 4 artisans and very laggy…60% lua cb
after :
6 foorman, 12 workers, 4 artisans and … fluid…

before : i have to loot wood, ore etc… but all wrkers are : idle
juste after 2 promote footman… all fo take the wood… lol.