Monument collision box too small?

This one is purely aesthetic, and doesn’t appear to cause any functional problem. Not likely a high priority for the moment.

I crafted my first tier 2 monument yesterday, and since I don’t yet have a town square in which to place it, I temporarily put it inside one of my main keep gates. But because open space is limited inside my keep, I had to put it up against a wall, which is where I noticed it was allowed to collide with the wall more than it probably should. See screenshot below for example.

Expected Results:
Unable to place the item in a way which even partially collides with buildings.

Actual Results:
Partial collision with buildings.


Version Number and Mods in use:
A17 D3002 x64

Think this one is already going to be fixed, was shown in one of their streams last week. Although don’t know which build it was going to be put in. Possibly the next one…


Yup, I also recall this being fixed on one of the last livestreams. Let’s check it again when the next build is released.