Monster/Animal Spoils

I was wondering what happens when an enemy is slain. From the video on Kickstarter it shows fallen units simply disappearing into thin air, but I’m making an assumption that that’s a temporary pre-alpha way to handle it, as there was no “poof” particle effect or anything to that extent from what I could tell. Which brings me to my real question:

Will game actors disappear and leave behind equipment, or will their bodies remain entirely after death?

I can see a few benefits to the latter.

  • It will allow for efficient resource gathering when you can use the meat, fur, and bones of each animal/monster you slay.
  • It reduces the amount of infrastructure combat-heavy players have to deal with (instead of building a mining system for metals, they can smelt down whatever equipment the baddies leave behind),
  • It adds a cool aesthetic to warfare when you can see the fallen units strewn across the battlefield-- gives you a good indication of how well you’re doing when you count how many of theirs compared to how many of yours are laying around.

Just wondering what you guys had planned, unless the player mod-ability goes so deep that this is customizable as well, which would be fantastic.


It would definitely be cool to have dead bodies still laying around.
Although it could be resource intensive, maybe a simplified model (customizable in options)?

In my ideal world, critical hits that kill would split the model into tiny cubelets that spread around a small area. I can dream right?

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Worked that way in 3D Dot Heroes :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a game aimed at families (said the Devs) so you have to be careful with corpses and animated death to keep the ratings.

Should be able to turn off corpses/animated death/blood just like they said you could turn off monsters. Adults don’t want to watch their enemies poof!

Given the art style in general I would have thought that gore was the furthest from the minds of the devs. It just wouldn’t suit.

A unit is killed and then drops to the ground, red stains the blocks around the body, perfection. Hopefully this can be modded into the game if the Devs don’t add anything like that. Having them just disappear or poof is just sad.

I’m sure you’ll be able to mod your own gory deaths - I’m just saying that from what I’ve seen, read and heard in the livestream, that’s not the style they’re aiming for :slight_smile:

You could probably even mod gore into the entire game. We’ll see whether they provide hooks that deep for the modding I suppose… (given that it would be useful for a mod that eg. counted the number of kills you make)

I really like the idea of animals leaving behind several resources to be used, such as Fur/Hide, Bones and Meat as mentioned by the OP.

Like in real life our settlers should make the most of it, bones could be used for decorations or more primitive tools and weapons.

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Honestly my question was less about the violence level (Blood or not, I’m fine either way), I’d just like to know how in-depth the drop/loot system is.

Personally, I’d like Animals and monsters to leave a corpse, and for Animals a butcher use the corpse to give resources like pelts/bones/meat.

Maybe a graveyard’ish for taking care of Monsters.

And a Stylish Graveyard for Citizens.

I don’t think they designed any loot system yet. But in one of the video @Ponder mentioned that he would add a “Nice Particle Effect” when chopping the trees. Corpses and Loot would be the same and easy enough to script with Lua.