[Mods Idea]Prioitys before Random {Please tell me if you love or hate it}

So i see that this game has no priority settings and i had an idea but sadly without being a coder i cant make it happen my thing is i hate when my workers dont do what they should be doing so lets say i open a mine well then all my workers goto mining and none do anything else so my idea was a priority setting mod so say if i want a person to do something i could click on them and maybe drag and a line would show up and then id drag it to what i want done so if i want someone to do mining then i drag it to the mine if i want them to work on something else i drag it to the task location and they will head off to do it

if anyone uses this idea i dont care about credit i only want this mod i dont care so long as my game experiance is better for it :slight_smile:

also if you need any ideas for mods or anything just ideas in total contact me i love making ideas and love seeing them be worked on :slight_smile:

A priority manager is already in work and should be part of a release quite soon.


Yay Thank you i love you :slight_smile: i hate my workers doing random things its really anoying does anyone know when the next update is tho

Did I said it would be part of the next release? :neutral_face:

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ya i wanted to know the date and maybe also time

No date or time at this point, it is still in active development (check out Twitch for some of the development 2 weeks ago…).

@Ponder gave an early look at it in one of his desktop tuesday updates (http://stonehearth.net/desktop-tuesday-idle-musings/), so there is some info there, and he mentioned that it would not appear until at least Alpha 13.

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as far as i know it actually will be part of A13. and with A12 stable coming out really soon, the A13 unstables should be coming sometime in the begining of next month (if we’re super lucky, later this month).