Mods from Tuhalu

Any plans to update this to Alpha 18?

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I’ll look into it. Unless someone says something, I generally assume there is nothing wrong (I’ve been away from the game for some time).

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give me some mins^^ im testing the changes at the mom


Sie haben Post :smiley: You have post xD

Cool, thanks. The mod worked for me in 17, but not 18. Thanks for the great mod.

Updated tuhalu.smod. Confirmed working with Alpha 18 test version (develop 3116).

@davespil @Wiese2007 Let me know if you spot anything wrong. Had to fix a few things to get it working after 4 alphas :smiley:

Will have to look at updating my tutorial for adding mining resources soon. At least one new file to talk about and another file moved and changed names.


It worked great. Thank you!


Found some small improvements to make while updating the tutorial, so tuhalu.smod is updated again. It shouldn’t make any gameplay differences. Just satisfies my urge to trim unnecessary data from the mod.


Great mod, am having a bit of an issue though in conjunction with the Better Stockpiles mod, not sure which has the issue, but, If you try to custom set up stockpiles ie: pick and choose what goes into which stockpile, the Hearthlings ignore your marble, only way to get them to pick it up is to ALL your stockpiles :disappointed:

Is it the marble or better stockpiles that is the issue?

Can see all the marble laying around in the cave, they picked up all the other stuff, also they won’t move the two left in the original starting stockpile by the carpenter that was at first set to ALL

That’s a fault with my mod. I’ll try and get a fixed version ready soon.


And should be fixed now. Basically, Radiant have changed how stockpile categories work (since I last looked at it a year or so ago). It’s much more explicit now. I went through and fixed the marble to fit in stone, all the furniture to fit into furniture and all the decorations into decoration.

I’ll just post the link here again: tuhalu.smod


Thank you muchly! and more for 20 character limit thing sheesh

Morning Tuhalu, have a little problem, seems the marble takes the place of copper ore, I mean when you clear out a space in a mountain that doesn’t have any ore veins you get a random assortment of ores, a little copper, tin and iron, since installing this mod, I’m getting 0 copper in the random spattering of ores, as you can see was a nice size area and can see there is no copper in the stockpile, normally would have approx same amount as tin.

OK. Just fixed this. Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Turns out I was using “ore” as the descriptor for the loot roll in the mining loot table. This overwrote the copper ore loot entry since it was in there as “ore” previously. Changed “ore” to “marble” in my mixin file and it solved the problem.



Hi there. I have downloaded your signs and containers, but it doesn’t load somehow - at least the new objects are not available in the carpenters crafting menu. I am in A18 (latest). Are these objects incompatible?

@BarbeQ the items in more_signs and more_containers are included in the Tuhalu.smod. If you want to incorporate those items into your game that would be the only mod you would need. I am “pretty” sure that Tuhalu has not updated those two mods to the A18 version which would make them incompatible. If I remember correctly Tuhalu had originally included them as stand alone mods and then later combined them in a single mod.

I hope this will suffices until Tuhalu response, He would be the ultimate authority in this case.

What Geokhan said is pretty much correct. I had left the individual mods in as they were still more or less compatible for some time. With the recent massive changes to the way items are designated, they’ve become quite incompatible.

I could potentially update the individual files if it would be of use to people. At the least I need to update the original post.

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Thank you both for the quick reply. Apologies. I didn’t realize that there is a complete package for all of the mods - though it was mentioned right above my first post :pensive:
I will download this instead. Again: thanks.

Cleaned up the first post.

While I was there, I realised that doors have changed a bunch and require no special files or overrides any more. This means I can include the Stone Double Door in tuhalu.smod. I have done so.

It’s not much more than a recolour of the Wooden Double Door, but it gives an option to the Stone Tunnel Door and may be more appropriate than a wooden door if building with stone.


Since the mod adds a new resource to the map, does it require to start a new game? Or will marble be present in existing maps as well?