Mod's Available Template List not showing all saved templates

The title should be self explanatory, but I’ve been building up a collection of building templates, and I thought I’d share them on the Steam workshop. However, when I use the in game tool under the mods section of the main menu, I can’t add any of them to the list of templates of the mod. Only 5 templates display in the Available Templates list , none of which are of the building set I want to upload or the dozens of other templates I’ve created otherwise. Is there a special process to follow or step to take that’s not included in the Modding guide? Or do I need to assemble this mod in a more manual way? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

They should be selectable, now I havent looked at that screen for a while but some thoughts or things to try: are you sure it’s not a mod added blueprint you are trying to add? (as in home made, not copied?) I can imagine it won’t allow you to add blueprints you did not make

If you are sure you did, does that screen with the five allow you to scroll to see more?

If not, the blueprints my contain modded items in them, does it allow it if it has no items?

I’m very sure that I created them from scratch. It may be that one or two were “copied” from a mod’s template, but I was pretty careful not to do that (unless I was copying for a slight variation of another one I created) and even if that were the case with a few of them, I’d expect some of the over two dozen templates to be visible in the list. I was also careful to not use any modded items, at least not in this first pass, as I wanted to make sure they were available to people weather or not they LostEms or ACE installed.

As for the scrolling, I can’t do anything with that window other than add those 5 templates to my mod’s list.

I do currently have the LostEms mod installed (was waiting to do ACE until after I finished all the templates), so maybe the variant swapper is toying with the vanilla windows I have in the templates? I’ll give disabling that and other mods a try and see how that goes.

I’d also like to add that even a couple bridge templates I have (not any I planed on uploading right now) which are only purely from roads and blocks, also are not showing up as available templates.

I’ve tried disabling any mod that affects blocks in some way, and no luck. Those don’t seem to be affecting anything in regards to my problem.

I am using late game items as an ideal build for the templates, but didn’t start the process of making the templates until I re-embarked, so I used the Debug Tools stamping tool to generate a copy of the items I wanted to use into the world. Could that be adversely affecting the ability of the buildings to be added to the mod?

no, items spawned by debug tool should have no effect on if and when and how a saved template could be saved and or exported. its really confusing to me why you would not be able to select them…
@max99x you have any idea? (im not all that well versed in the save a template to the workshop stuff)

Sorry, no idea. Maybe @linda remembers why some templates might not show up when creating a templates mod?

When your templates were created? If it was on old versions, chances are that the new builder simple ignores it.
Also, what are their names? Make sure they have unique names, repeated names are ignored. E.g. if you name something dining halls it will be ignored because the game already has one named that. Easiest way is to simple prefix them all with something of your choice (also helps to keep them all together as the list is alphabetical)


Do the templates show up fine in the templates list that shows up in the Building UI? As @BrunoSupremo mentioned, I would check that all the templates have unique names and that they’re in the correct folder, which on windows you should be able to find somewhere like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates. Do any errors related to building templates show up in your stonehearth.log file?

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Maybe about half of them are from about 5 months ago, the rest of them are from the past week or two. About 50/50 on whether there’s an apostrophe in the name. All templates I want to include have a “tag” on them, so that I was able to filter them from the other templates I have, modded and otherwise. And the all have unique names following the tag.

I’m currently not home, but with the exception of one template that doesn’t display an image and doesn’t seem to include anything when I attempt to place it, I don’t have any errors occur within the Building UI, and have successfully placed all of them and built several of them. I’ll double check the file path, but I’m 99% that’s the location I navigated to to find them. And I’ll have to check the log file when I get home, see if I see any errors. I recall some errors occuring when designing some of the buildings, but they were related to the Building UI itself, not a template, or were unrelated incidents that occurred when I accidentally hit play and the game ran while I was designing.

There is a slight difference in the filepath, due to the game being installed on a different drive, but I assume as long as it’s the same drive as the game that wouldn’t/shouldn’t matter.
As for the log file, I do see two errors both relating to templateId=‘blacksmith’s house’ as an unrecognized expression. Beyond that, the only errors that appear are related to ACE objects, when I have it loaded, but none of the items are used in the templates. As far as I can tell, even after intentionally causing errors, none of my templates are an issue.

Haven’t come back to this in a while, but the fix I developed was to view my templates folder in the game directory with medium sized icons (to see the picture icon of the jpg file for the templates), select the desired images and matching filename json files, and copy the files. Next, I opened the mod’s folder, pasted the template files into the mod folder, and uploaded. Easy as pie. Very annoying that the template window does not allow for selecting of templates as intended, but I got the pack uploaded an on Steam now.

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