Model scale and door animation

So I was playing with model scale on doors and it seems the way the animation and .qb models are tied to the origin is causing translation troubles here (my doors are, well, totally broken). The problem can be solved by making a custom animation which involves moving both the model and animation origin to 0,0,0 (single door is a bit trickier because of an odd dimension), then applying scale to the important bones.

  1. Move the origin of your door .qb model to 0,0,0.
  2. Copy the vanilla animation you want to modify.
  3. Modify the rig file so the bones are properly aligned:
    door.json: translation by [-15.0, -15.0, 0]
    double_door.json: translation by [-20.0, -15.0, 0]
    door_porticullis.json: translation by [-22.0, -9.0, 0]
  4. Multiply frame, head, root and wing-related (door for single door, leftDoor and rightDoor for double door, gate_# for porticullis) bone coordinations by 0.1/render_info.scale.
  5. Multiply all "pos": [x,y,z]" of the wing-related bones in all .json files in animations folder by 0.1/render_info.scale.
  6. Add your new animation table, scale and default effect in ghost .json of your door. You should overwrite the ones added via vanilla mixin (can be done with uri if the rig files are named in the manifest).