Model mistake? Dresser iconic

Well this is not the usual bug report but something i found when i wanted to make a model and used the stonehearth files as example.

I have no clue if it is intended or not but the iconic versions of the dresser and the fine dresser have different placements of the side “screws” or dots how you want to call them. I assume this should be the same placement since they are the same placement on the main model as well.

And dont mind the iconic wardrobe in the back ground that is my creation :stuck_out_tongue:

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I guess they didn’t used the normal version to create the new one just editing the colors. It looks like even the size/shape is different.

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It actually is, the fine version is more slim. 2 blocks to be precise.

To save more space when your building a house.

From the image, though, it seems like the fine dresser is basically the same proportion, just the iconic is very different. Of course, iconics aren’t scale replicas, so there being some extra distinguishing differences is probably okay or at least not a high-priority issue.