[A22+, possibly earlier] model_origin misalignments

model_origin misalignments found so far:
consumables/stamina_tonic: z is 0, should be 0.1
decorations/banner_wall_big: x is 0, should be -0.05
decorations/banner_wall_small: x is 0, should be -0.05
decorations/curtains: x is -0.55, should be -0.6
decorations/gargoyle: z is 0, should be 0.2
furniture/dresser: x is -0.05, should be 0
furniture/dresser_fine: x is -0.05, should be 0
furniture/writing_desk: x is -0.05, should be -0.1
furniture/writing_desk_fine: x is -0.05, should be -0.1

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place an object from the list in-game
  2. Display grid (e.g. by opening building menu) and open Entity Editor from Debug Tools.

Expected Results:
The model is placed symmetrically and doesn’t sink inside walls.

Actual Results:
The model is placed asymmetrically and/or sinks inside walls.

More objects may be affected. Dresser model is 2 tiles wide but takes 3 tiles in-game, what seems like a waste of space. May be intentional, but desks and dressers partially sink inside walls when placed next to them.

Not necessary, just repeat the steps.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 22, no non-vanilla .smod files except Debug Tools enabled.

System Information:
Doesn’t matter as all the problem lies in stonehearth.smod

I don’t think those would affect the crampness of an area, as they are too short for it. Hearthlings checks only the upper blocks, starting at their eye level. Anything below is ignored. (Just imagine they can’t look down)

You mentioned a tunnel? If it is only 4 or 5 blocks tall, that is the reason for the cramped effect.

You can also check the amount of space an object really consumes using the debug tool to see their hitboxes. Its visual appearance can be large, but only the hitbox space will count.

Oh, I forgot to mention my underground bases are rather… elaborate. This means there may actually be some dressers at their eye height, that is: high enough to be counted.

‘Cramped Environment’ is one problem, stacking furniture is another. I made a wardrobe for my mod and wanted to place it directly next to a dresser, but I got a tile wide gap instead. In case you wanted to keep the odd-width furniture: how about making the model 10 tiles wider, and add the current dresser as a new, 2 tiles wide object (i.e. Small Dresser)? That’s what I decided to do in my mod after I added even-width Picket Fence pieces.

Double post, but I found another similar issue, it isn’t technically a bug, rather a missed opportunity. Since model_origin works on windows and doors, shouldn’t clay window frames be of odd depth? Right now latticed clay windows are asymmetrical, with one side lacking the carved inner frame. Making them one voxel deeper would make them perfectly symmetrical.

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