Modding Tools - Links

So, just thinking about what tools they were using, have comprised a list of links for people that want them:

Lua IDE: Decoda - this is the link to the decoda software for lua they were using.

Download 3ds Max 2018 | Free Trial | Autodesk - 30 day free trial of max for anyone interested in animation. - download to qubicle creator - free version and premiums.

Does anyone know the name of the .txt file explorer software he was using in the live stream? Can’t find it anywhere. If someone could let me know that’d be great and i’ll add it to this post. Cheers!

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Also might want to add link to the education part of autodesk site, for students to get free version of 3ds Max: Free Student Software Downloads | Autodesk Education Community

And I believe that .txt file explorer was Sublime Text 3:

We need some mac/linux equivalents, for a game built around modding the modding tools should be cross-platform too. Unfortunately Decoda, 3ds max, and qubicle are all windows only, I haven’t tried getting wine builds of them going yet but it would probably still be good if we get some equivalents. I’m not sure about qubicle but for the other two something like blender and there is plenty of IDE’s out there that are compatible with lua.

Blender is a free tool that can be used for animation, in principle at least. It is available free on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

for those on Windows who want a turnkey Lua package (as its not the easiest language to jump into), here is a simple solution… the version of Lua is a bit behind, but this will get get you the interpreter, and a nice editor…