Setting up your Tools...?

So this thread is more of a question than a guide, but perhaps some1 has the wisdom perhaps even someone from radiant.

Yesterday i took a look into the dev stream and saw @Tom doing some coding and debugging. At around minute 20 and onwards he used Chrome Dev Tools, Decoda and Sublime for debugging. He run code from decoda, setting a breakpoint for the code and run it in SHand so on. He could also attach SH to Chrome Dev tools.

Anyone here knows how to setup all those things ? Can we do it ourselves? … Would be great for the Mod- Devs…


Sublime text 2 is an advanced text editor. It is free to use
I dont know about decoda.
Chrome devs tools is included:
Make sure you have these blue highlighted files in the main stonehearth folder, which should be there by default. But just to make sure

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Decoda should be an IDE for Lua, if I remember right.

However… would be for sure interesting to see such a “guide”.


Thx so far for the Chrome Dev Tools Hint. It works with the SH UI as you described it.

@Sublime2: i know the editor but found “Atom” more flexible and convenient somehow. For Atom you just have to install some packages but then i really like it.

@Decoda: I looked a little bit into it today, but i cant attach it to the Stonehearth process. But i think i remember they said that radiant is using some kind of inhouse modded decoda version…So perhaps the free version does not work with SH??

Decoda used by Radiant is adjusted, that’s what I also understand. Not sure if the tool is supported at all anymore and don’t think you can download the adjusted version.

Sublime is just a text editor, a pretty mighty one. Personally, I’ve been using SciTE so far because it’s just plain simple, yet has some very nice features (<3 CTRL-Q). I’ve been playing with Sublime recently too and found it pretty powerful for SH modding, but I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll continue using it. It’s making some things a lot easier, but I’m afraid of change.

Decoda can be used to debug lua, or rather could as I don’t think it works with luaJIT at all. It’s also slowing your game down a lot and most of the time, it’s just not worth it. Personally, I rely on logging the hell out of the game instead (I’ve had several MB log files of two minutes of gameplay at some point), for which I’ve made my own little tools (Jelly’s print/printf namely).

The Chrome Dev Tools require you to download CEFs packages (for that build), or at least used to - I’m not sure if they’re now distributed in the game. @Miturion’s list isn’t complete either I think. See also:


I agree with you :sweat_smile:
I once tried to debug something with Decoda, and it’s painfully slow and laggy, since there are so many scripts in the game…

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