Modding Stonehearth's Graphics Test Program

When the dust has settled, the release is out there, and you’re all winding down … that is when you open up ‘Learn With Radiant’ $200 a week training program where you do little lessons on how to mod with Stonehearth.

I’ll get to work on the business plan tonight.

  1. work on game
  2. distribute preview release
  3. take over the internetz
  4. open training camp
  5. become zillionaire



I would probably pay that, if I didn’t have to pay $400 to get to California.


remote, online training classes… done and done… :wink:


Stackoverflow’s thread on this topic said it better so I’ll just paste the relevant text in here:

Coroutines are a form of sequential processing: only one is executing at any given time (just like subroutines AKA procedures AKA functions – they just pass the baton among each other more fluidly.

Threads are (at least conceptually) a form of concurrent processing: multiple threads may be executing at any given time. (Traditionally, on single-CPU, single-core machines, that concurrency was simulated with some help from the OS – nowadays, since so many machines are multi-CPU and/or multi-core, threads will de facto be executing simulaneously, not just “conceptually”;-).

In practical terms, in Stonehearth (again, not final, just how it’s working RIGHT NOW) we write AI without thinking about coroutines or threads or concurrency at all because behind the scenes, the AI manager handles all of that for us. So when you’re in the body of a function for a particular dude’s AI, you just write what he’s doing as if each person will take care of their own business. And if he needs to communicate with another dude, he sends a message or notifies a central processor, and that message is passed to the other guys he’s working with by a subsystem.


Such majesty.


Uh… we’ve made it to the Desktop Tuesday :trophy:.

I have started to upload the first tutorials for the Blender Add-On… half way done. Once all of them are uploaded I will make the tool available and hopefuly some people will start working on custom animations.


@voxel_pirate Awesome. I preodered the game + beta a few minutes ago. Let the modding journey begin :wink:

By the way i am German, too.


Nobody is perfect :wink: (ein kleiner Spass ist hoffentlich erlaubt). Welcome to the club. I am also curious to see if the Add-On works and people do like it.

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Immer doch :wink:

I am sure they will like the Add-On. Now i am going to wait for the beta, because i don’t want to invest to much time in this little test :slight_smile:

You think your castle is so impressive? Well check out my disgusting clouds that are supposed to spell out Steve’s name!


This is beyond amazing! To know that I have funded something that people can participate in and mod and do something they love is really awesome. Also to know know that the modding community has already come into effect without a game release!!! Fantastic job guys, outstanding! Hope to see more great work from you modders in the future. Just want you guys to know I appreciate what you do and I look forward to you mods for future updates!


If you want to try your own animations… a first version of the Add-On for Blender is now available. Let me know what you are thinking… and show-off your animations :wink:.


well, it looks like a minecraft block… but… i’ll take it! :smile:

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How do you know he means you, eh? There are, for some reason, an awful lot of Steves on this forum.

surely you jest… its like Highlander… there can be only one!


So jealous of how smart you all are… :smiley:

Looking really good!

Exchanging the look of existing models is pretty easy in the Graphics Test. Unfortunately you need QC in the home or master edition. Other than that… just give it a try. The Graphics Test is perfect to see your own stuff in “action”:

I’ve been trying to do this with the second graphics test installed files and I get:

luadec.exe: stonehearth.smod:1: ‘=’ expected near ‘char(3)’

what the fudge am I doing wrong?

edit: Okay I see now you need to un zip / rar the smod file then luadec the luac file!

You are correct sir!

edit: its important to keep in mind that luadec isn’t entirely accurate in decompiling lua code and that a lot of the functionality was ripped out of SH-G2

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