[Modding Question] Editting Character Sheets

Hey, I’ve recently gotten this game and found it awesome. More so, I’ve been diving into the files of the game and have taken a liking to how good you guys have handled the mods, specifically noting that Rayya’s Children is also kind of an example mod for this game.

However, I’ve been diving into the game and noticed an issue, Which is that the Character Sheets HTML file from what I gather, cannot be overridden, I can, and actually have modded additional attributes in the game (getting them to function is another story), but I wish I could be able to view the modded attributes in the game.

Thanks for reading this! Really love the progress on this game by the way!

Yeah, html is hard, because you have less options working with it. You say that you couldn’t override it, are you sure? Because I had modded at least the .css(less) and javascript parts.

One way to cheat the system and don’t need to override the html is to add new css and js that adds into it. Ex. your .js adds new (or change) html elements inside one of the elements in the sheet, and then use the .css to organize it.


I finally figured it out, file() was throwing me off in that I didn’t need it, I just had to specify the location of it in Stonehearth in a simple string file.

So yeah, I was able to override it after all. Learn something interesting about the very flexible modding system everyday, eh. :smiley: