Modded items aren't showing up

Hey guys!

I am creating my first “real” stonehearth mod, adding half-fences (better name suggestions is welcomed!)

The recipes doesn’t show up ingame. I got the mod here

What am i doing wrong?


As far as I see, the mod is not yet loading. You have to remove one “layer” in the file path. If I unzip your smod, I find the files in the folders under “half-fence/half-fence/xyz”, should be “half-fence/xyz”, if I am not wrong.

Once you’ve fixed that, you will find a typo in the folder “entities/contruction”, which should be called “construction” (missing “s”).


Thx! Now it shows up :smiley:

only problem i got now is the model… It isn’t exported/saved right

Try if this helps…

… if not, maybe post a picture.

I did find it :wink: But thank anyways, i’ll upload the finished mod tomorrow :slight_smile:

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