[MOD][WIP] The Cataclysm, The Acolytes and The Forsaken

The Cataclysm used to be luscious and green. A popular destination for people searching paradise. Then one day it happened. The forsaken arrived. They were viscous in their ways and sucked the land dry. The terrain started to crumble and soon it became completely uninhabitable for life. The Forsaken who had… “forsaken” this land started to expand their territory.

A branch of the ascendancy, who called themselves the acolytes had enough of this. They fought back. They fought back hard. Facing waves and waves of the forsaken they accomplished the impossible. It looked futile. More than 50 forsaken for each soldier. Eventually, they killed the queen.

She lay, covered in blood and her fallen children. Proud with the deed they have served the world, the acolytes started to leave the collapsing throne room. This is when the unimaginable happened. Tendrils started to spread out from the queens body, grasping onto her fallen children and pulling them towards herself. Gasps were heard from the acolytes as they saw the queen, awakened, a lovecraftian abomination of tendrils and severed parts. A screech, followed by darkness.

The commander of the acolytes came to their senses to see his group surrounded by that abominations freshest young, feasting on his comrades innards. Why, him. Why did he have to be the only survivor. all his friends were dead.

That… thing was nowhere to be seen. The fresh forsaken were too busy feasting to notice him slowly slip away into the night. with all of the acolytes dead, there was no hope for the commander.

Well, until now. A group of 7 approached the commander, they had recently lost their homes to the forsaken scourge. they learnt of his efforts in the past. They wanted revenge on the forsaken. Together they set out to the badlands, the cataclysm left after the forsaken had devastated the place. A newly lit fire in the commanders heart. He will not let the forsaken reach any more people of the ascendancy.

The original badlands from the forsaken’s fist invasion had started to heal a little. The ground was fertile enough to grow a few plants but nothing huge. Here they set up and increased their numbers, the occasional forsaken scout group appeared but there was no military action here. Setting up in the forsaken’s blind spot, where they would never expect the Acolytes to be. Perfect.

So yeah, this is my current project. Definitely going to take me ages to finish, cant wait for you guys to join me along the way :smiley:

Current features:

  • Custom Biome
  • Custom trees, bit buggy right now as only one type spawns :confused: If anyone can find the error in the code I would love it!

Planned Features


  • Custom critters like rats and stuff
  • Get trees to work
  • New ore (I know what this is but i shall keep it hidden for now :3)
    this new ore will be vital in taking down the Forsaken scourge

Acolytes and Forsaken:

  • Custom story, following the forsaken
  • Forsaken Graphics (Not gonna show anything about the forsaken for a while :stuck_out_tongue: You can have your theory’s but I’m revealing nothing rn)
  • Custom Job’s and outfits for the Acolytes
  • One which crafts from the remains of the forsaken.
  • New weapons, armor, furniture and craftable stuff

So yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what i have right now:

The biome

Worker outfits (not in downloadable version of mod)

if you want to test the biome, you can:
cataclysm_biome.smod (293.2 KB)

I would love feedback about ideas or bugs!

Hope you have fun, if you want to help out with this just ask, I’m sure ill let you on the team!


I know about the issues with the image and name for the biome in the start up screen. I know what to do I just haven’t for some reason :joy:

Awesome, really like the little storyline too. I’ll take a look at the code, see whats going on with the trees. But nice concept, tell me what I can help with

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"trees": {
     "__comment": "tree size variance. anything above 0 will be considered as tree placement, 
     and the size of the tree is determined within the sizes node declared above",
     "sizes": {
        "cataclysm_biome:trees:deadoak": {
           "small": 0,
           "medium": 2,
           "large": 10,
           "ancient": { "percentage": 10 }

I’ve never worked on a biome but I’ve been messing with these numbers. I don’t understand why it works though, the comment implies that the number determines placement. However if you put 0 on everything, the whole biome gets filled with medium trees still ?
I hope someone could give some clarification…

I believe what happens is that when it spawns trees it spawns them as a cluster, with smaller trees outside progressing in size as they get close to the center of the cluster. what i had it at before probably made it so the cluster needed to be a lot bigger before the large or ancients started to spawn.

So by decreasing the mediums it seems to have worked

This is just a theory though

Maybe @BrunoSupremo can help with this since he has done a couple of biomes.

You do not have a :small version of the tree. Even if you do not want a small tree, just name one of them small to satisfy the code.

				"cataclysm_biome:trees:deadoak": {
					"small": 0,
					"medium": 8,
					"large": 18,
					"ancient": { "percentage": 10 }

This controls the values to spawn each type. Each cell in the map gets a value, and then it is mapped to this. If above 0 and below 8, it is small, if above 8 and below 18 is medium, etc… Ancient spawn instead of large with that amount of percentage chance.

The map cell values are controlled by this noise:

			"noise_map_parameters": {
				"terrain_based": {
					"plains": {
						"1": {
							"density": 1,
							"mean": -5,
							"std_dev": 50

“mean” is the value of a map cell, if above 0, it will spawn a tree, based on the ranges you decided on the previous code.
“std_dev” is a random variation to this value, higher means more drastic changes.
“density” is the chance to spawn a full amount of objects (for example, 4 trees) into a single map cell, so the full group of trees will always spawn with value 1, while a value 0.5 may or may not spawn just around half of the max capacity of that tree.