[MOD] Why So Blue? - Discontinued

Version 8a.

Not much of an update in terms of content, but its significant to my learning.

Wind Mill Sails

Then spin a little faster than I would like at the moment, but at least they spin!

Many thanks to TR (Especially @Ponder and @sdee ) for their help in explaining Quaternions. You guys rock


I have been thinking of trying to make that work for awhile, thats awesome! Gg man, gg.


good grief… the man is off to faraway lands, fighting the good fight… and he still manages to crank out updates to his mod?

feels awfully ashamed about neglecting his chores for the day

well done my friend… well done indeed! :smile: :+1:


All we did was link you to a scary website :wink: You did all the rest on your own.


I still wake up sometimes, I do. I wake up in the dark and hear the screaming of the Quaternions…


Why you need to know about them anyway?
All you need is blender and @voxel_pirate’s add on


I don’t use Blender.


It seems that Froggy doesnt blend. :smiley:


Vince5754 searches his mind for one of his favorite quotes

So you take a Frog, put it in a blender and within 30 seconds you will have… Frog nog.

False. Frogs are quite capable of being blended, especially in a blender.

… I’ve said too much haven’t I?


Enjoying your mod Froggy, just one question, is there a way I can disable the zombies? just leave it as regular goblins? am using game ver1687 and am getting huge groups of zombies, sometimes more then one group from different directions, so don’t know if it is the version or what, but can I edit something to cancel out the zombies?

Hi Unatan,

My mod purely changes the faction value for the scenario from goblin to zombie. If I were to change it back to goblin for you, you would still be fighting the same amount of enemies, but instead of zombies, they would be goblins.

Saying that, I haven’t checked my scenario overrides in a while so I’ll check that there aren’t any issues due to recent updates.

Hey Froggy! I am very impressed with your fantabulous modding talent and super keen to play your mod. I do have a newbie question which I am not sure if you or anyone here can help me with… essentially my game crashes when attempting to load your mod :((

Bit more detail: I have just downloaded Stonehearth Alpha 5 and popped in your mod. The game loads up fine, I created a new game, rolled my map, clicked on a starting location, and then it enters the loading screen saying “activated Why So Blue etc”, but then it crashes after that … :(((

Any suggestions to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Alternatively if I am posting in the wrong section please let me know and point me in the right direction. Thank you!!

The mod works in the Steam version but I get the same error you do if I try it in the web downloaded version, hope this helps

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Hey Unatan2! Thank you for the really quick reply. I am indeed playing through the web downloaded version, maybe that’s why I can’t use the mod. This brings me to another newbie question unfortunately… I dont know how to install the steam version.

I go to the humble bundle page, click activate steam key, get a steam key, but I dont know what to do with it. There is no link there for me to click on :frowning:

If you have your Steam Key you can open Steam and click on the “Add a Game…” button at the bottom of your library list in Steam then “Activate a Product on Steam” I believe it is, then type in your key when prompted, game will be added to your library.


Thanks Unatan2! I have now successfully installed the game through steam thanks to your direction.
Unfortunately running this mod still crash the game :frowning:

I have tried another mod - Nihonjin mod by Avairian and it works… so now I just have to figure out why I can’t run Froggy’s mod… I noticed Froggy’s mod doesnt seem to have the smod file, but that shouldnt really make a difference right (aka am I missing some file for Froggy’s mod)? hmmm…

Did you unzip it? unzip and place the wsbmod folder in the mods folder of Stonehearth.

I did unzip it and put the wsbmod folder straight into the mods folder of Stonehearth… but no joy :((

Are you using version Wsbmod8a.zip?(one on the bottom of the version list above).

Have you got multiple mods installed? The only things that should be in your mods folder is radiant.smod stonehearth.smod and my wsbmod folder.

It should look like this:

I’ll download the humble bundle version later and see if I can work out why it crashes, so thanks for the information on that one :thumbsup:

Does it give you an error message or does it just crash to desktop? Bone question: Does it crash without my mod installed? :stuck_out_tongue:

P.s Thanks for the tech help @Unatan2

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