[MOD] The Stone Bunny

And when you are “cursed” the statues eyes should turn red to represent anger, and blue when they are pleased.

There are going to be three races IIRC. The Ascendancy, Rayya’s Children and Northmen’s Alliance (Vikings). The Rabbit Clan is one of the planned Monsters, not a playable race. I’m sure someone is going to mod them to be playable though, someone is already working on an Undead Mod that I can’t wait for. :grin:

[quote=“Sickjin, post:22, topic:18797”]
The Rabbit Clan is one of the planned Monsters, not a playable race.
[/quote]not monsters, but rather a neutral/friendly race :wink:

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Oh yeah I remember seeing that… Id love to mod this game. But I just don’t have the money for it sigh Anyways we should think of the 3 gods names!

I was going to say itd be nice to have a friendly race, like if they made them friendly we could have a friendship system, like if your friends with them they can gift you food/furniture, and if your evil to them they will declare war on you. Itd be a interesting twist!

The bunny god could be Holdfény Nyúl, which means Moonlight Bunny in Hungarian. Thanks again google :smiley:

I vote for the God of the Goblin race to be Gobbo.
Bunny god should be Floppers, the Moon Queen.

._. I come up with a cool name for a bunny god, and yours is Floppers. XD Holdfény Nyúl For the win!

I just find it funny if you piss of a god named Floppers. Hahahahaha XD

If you displease Floppers, the Moon Queen, she will chew all wires in your village and leave poops in all of your beds.

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What program do you use @Kittyodoom for the creation of the models?

LOOOOOOOL @Sickjin That’s so funny

I use Magicavoxel for them

Is it free? :smile: I hope it is.

Yep! I’m a poor college student, I don’t have paid programs of that sort :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is this bunny god based off of japanese mythology sort of? Because that’s the feeling I get from the whole moon god thing. That’s pretty cool, I like it :wink:

Are there moon/rabbit mythology things in other cultures? I don’t really know much about mythology from any cultures, I was just really into Okami a few years back

No not really… We just thought itd be fun that since she made a rabbit for offerings, that we would add a whole god system to it. Offering to them and praising them will someday give u a blessing in their expertise!

Lol, you guys have really run with this…I was just playing off the text of the mossy ancient monument in game


Lol… Well now you have a audience that wants MORE! Give us your talent and make a statue of a goblin god! >:3

Monument to goblin gods Bargrivyek, Khurgorbaeyag, and Maglubiyet