[MOD] Road to Zone

Greetings from Russia!
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I have idea. Mod based on game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Artifacts, anomalies, mutants… it is Cool!


Do you have a squad of stalkers. You create your grouping and base of grouping. You fight with mutants, looking for artifacts and creating weapon. There will be other groupings. Dangerous groupings.

New Professions

Chemist - connects artifacts. Creates new artifacts.
Gunsmith - creates weapons.
Cook - makes canned, stew, vodka and…
May be other professions)



i am not overly familiar with STALKER, but this does indeed look pretty cool! nice work on the new models too… will definitely be keeping a close eye on your progress… :+1:

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Just like a Russian to make sure there’s vodka. :wink:



Zombie and pseudodog

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good start, but i think he looks more “martian” than zombie at this point… his clothes should probably be more tattered, and his skin perhaps a shade lighter (and “roughed up” a bit)… :smile:

liking the dog too… is it based off the wolf model? did that one have attached legs? (heads off to search)

I have to agree to Steve (as much as this breaks my heart :wink:). Maybe take a look on the official “Zombies” and Skeletons. They are quite nice already and might be a good starting point, no? You could go from there and apply the same look to the “dog” and potentially all other assets.

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Я не знал, что есть официальный “зомби”. Я постараюсь сделать это. Pseudodogs в скором времени будет изменен.

@rayman30011 they where just shown in some “older” live streams and this wallpapers… so I guess it is easy to miss them. The good news is that you can get the unofficial “copy” of those Zombies from the following thread as @Pandemic reproduced and shared them :wink::