[MOD]My Fixed Version of Radiant's MicroWorld Mod

I just realized when I cloned it, I copied the url from the readme file displayed on the github page which points to GitHub - radent/microworld: Stonehearth Microworld Mod not GitHub - stonehearth/microworld: Microworld Stonehearth Mod, so this post is moot anyway. @8BitCrab you can close this post if you would be so kind.

hmm… while the intent is good, this might be going against the modding rules, of not updating other people’s mods without permission… :sweat:

edit: @xxdalexx alright, i checked with the team and they’re fine with you releasing an updated/fixed microworld. however next time make sure you follow the modding rule: no matter who the owner of the mod is, or how long it’s been since their mod was last updated, you need to get explicit permission before using/updating any of their work.

if you want more info or have questions about the modding rules you can check out the official thread:


and i should also mention that the team does plan to release an official updated version of the microworld soon, no guarantees on that though.


Sorry about that, I thought that it fell under what @brad said here: One Rule to Ring Them All

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no worry’s mate :slight_smile:

oh, i’m pretty sure that pertains only to the base game, not other mods made by the team… :confused:

Yes, I was thinking of the core game when I wrote that ("…you can use any item that is in the game, or any playable feature…"). As @8BitCrab says, though, we don’t mind the update to this – and we do hope to provide an “official” updated version soon.

However, I didn’t see any explicit credit to the Stonehearth team for the original mod (it’s not in the README file included in your package)… and as noted, we’d appreciate the credit. Thanks!

ETA: It should also be explicit that this is an unofficial update to the mod, so that no one is confused.


Sorry about my misunderstanding, I changed the post to reflect it. The readme is the github one from when I cloned it, but I will reflect it there as well and update link.

sure thing :slight_smile: