Mod Loading Issues

So a couple of wonderful testers (Thanks @Reedo, @SePax, and @asdar54 :slight_smile: ) Led me to the discovery that loading mods varies based on whether the mod is zipped or not.

It seems that when you called _radiant.res.load_mod, you pass it the file path to the manifest’s location from the mods folder. That means you can have a mod manifest located within another mod if the containing mod is unzipped. It will not work, though if the mod is zipped because its not proper a filepath.

Ultimately what I’m trying to do is only override + mixin certain things (armor and weapons) if the player is playing as the mod’s race. So I’m wondering if there’s a way to modify _radiant.res.load_mod’s behavior to be able to read into zipped file or if theres another way to go about this.

Overall, I feel there should be a way to only load certain aspects of a mod’s manifest based on certain variables (such as being a certain race). Am I missing the way to go about this?

So if I wear to unzip your .smod file, what and how would I need to put in my mod-folder to allow me to play?

open the smod with 7zip or Winrar, then drag the ‘bastioneers’ folder into your mods folder. :slight_smile:

Thanks, got it to work. LOVE the mod so far!

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Great, cause more good stuff is sure to come!

Bump because there is a problem starting in A22.5. LUA files are not loaded from unpacked mods, only from zipped ones. What obviously makes testing way more painful.

How are you trying to load the mod? :slight_smile: My old method from this thread is outdated, but there is a way to do it

I simply unpack it in /mods so there is a folder matching the .smod filename with manifest.json and stuff in it.

You can’t have both the raw folder and the smod inside the mod folder.

Yeah perhaps thats it, if not, let us know how your code looks, maybe have a look at Archipellago Biome’s client and server init scripts to see how it’s done. You should be using ‘applyManifest’ or however it’s spelled