[Mod] Better Storage v1.5


Merry Xmas everyone ! BS is now updated to 1.5 on Github and Steam Workshop for SH 1.1 !

Here are the changes:

  • Converted material tags to arrays.
  • Added “Stone Brick”, “Pile of Dirt” and “Large Pile of Dirt” to “Resources” category.
  • Added “Nature Gem Bits” filter to “Ores” category.
  • Reordered “Plants” filters.
  • Added “Legendary Materials” filter to “Refined Materials” category.
  • Split “Bandages & Healing Tonic” into two separated filters.
  • Fixed items not properly stored: Earthbud Seed, Sweet Potato Seed, Coarse Fiber Bundle, Twin Rustic Lamppost, Golden Chair, Golden Wall Supply Shelf, Gold Plated Stone Table, Ceramic Supply Rack, Ceramic Corner Supply Rack, Ceramic Wall Supply Shelf, Market Trading Shelf (Clay).

After the holidays, I’ll work on BS 2.0 with ACE support. See you soon(ish) !


Fantastic! Thank you. Have a great rest of your holiday!