[Mod] (A20) The Bastioneers! More Dangerous (and Mod-Friendly) Than Ever! Help me test for A20!


Wow, I’m impressed on how different the play style is in this race!!!

I thought I was so smart by starting with a trapper knife (as always) just to realize how terrible of a choice it was. LOL

The tech tree is awesome!

If you guys that downloaded from github are having problem, remember to rename the folders! All lower case and remove the “- master” from it. The “- UI” replace for “_ui”. I did this and had no errors anymore.


@Drotten All I did was check if the population Json had a “lineages” node, if it did, it would change how it constructed the hearthling name. This was because I was lazy and didn’t want to play by the default’s rules.

Is there a way to hook into lua files, like in my case, after they’ve been named once by the default, have the game run my naming function?


I’ll add that to the instructions on github! :blush:


Not that I know of. I did ask @yshan about the possility of a more dynamic name generator, or being able to create your own and useing those. She said she’ll look into it when she gets some time. So hopefully we’ll have some options in the future. :smile:


That would be neat! Especially since most races don’t follow silly human conventions.


loving the looks of this mod, i’ll have to test it out later today when i have the time.

[quote=“Wharp, post:1, topic:19473”]
P.S. I’m looking for a talented, kind artist who can sketch up a storybook depiction of the 'neers for the race selection screen :kissing_smiling_eyes:
[/quote]perhaps @Hyrule_Symbol could do that for you? i know he does an amazing job of copying Allie’s artstyle…


That would be sooooo wonderful!


Ah right, I see what you’re doing now. You could attempt to do it by monkey patching the function. This is usually done (in Stonehearth) in the server init script. If you’re wondering how it’s done you could take a look at other mods that touch Lua code, Frostfeast for example. If you’d like I could add it in and make a pull request up on github.

Your other option, as Avairian mentioned, is to wait until TR manages to implement a more dynamic name gen. Although there’s no telling when that’ll be done.


I will definitely look at the FF code, but it’s not a big deal so don’t worry about trying to patch it :slight_smile:


Sure thing. :slightly_smiling:


Btw everyone, I want as much feedback as I can get! :smiley:


i’d love to Help out!

Thees guys are way too adorkable i have to help them get into the Story-Board!

PM me with the details and i can help out


and dont forget - stonehearth only accept little letters fo file and foldernames :wink:

edit: hmmm ok i can get now start your race and it says it loads your ui (in the log without any errors)… but nothing change ^^

edit2: ok not only big letters also the UI has an - instead of an _ so it doesnt get it xD Now its looks really cool :smiley:

So for all - the complete files and foldernames are:

For the mainmod: bastioneers.smod and bastioneers
For the ui: bastioneers_ui.smod and bastioneers_ui


Yepp, I added that to the girhub instructions :slightly_smiling:


I started another game and things have been going well! I’ve run into a couple issues, where they won’t dig certain areas for some reason, but it seems like things have been cleaned up nicely in .91 - I haven’t had it throw me a single error while I’ve played.

The only thing of note aside from the digging problems so far is that I’ve had zero traders show up, and other than the beginning story bit there’s only been the goblin chain showing up for me. I am getting new people now, however, so that’s certainly an improvement.


Yeah looks like the traders are Acendancy only, Ill look into that, but the mining might be a universal issue.


the traders you have in are at the moment for rayya :wink: “value” : “rayyas_children:kingdoms:rayyas_children”


That’s because I used RC as a base for my mod :frowning: They’re not included in the actual campaigns


oh i better add that to Praise so it renames files to lowercase by default just to save problems.

ps. how easy would it be to swap the trapper and shepherd on the professions tree?

pss. Wharp - an idea for your next race (if you choose to do another) an elemental race, i know they’re a kickstarter addon but we don’t know what form that would take and it would be cool to see some little roaming around or having a load of different elementals as your hearthlings each one a random type

psss. i noticed the UI mod doesn’t have a file version associated with it on Praise :slight_smile:


Hey i do some basic german translation for the mod (I like it :heart:), iam correct that the storyteller speaks like yoda from starwars? Not exactly but like this?