[Mod] (A20) The Bastioneers! More Dangerous (and Mod-Friendly) Than Ever! Help me test for A20!


My guess for these is that the material tags have changed since the mods last update. For instance, The Bastioneers uses a mixinto to mess with the material tags for all of the types of wood. Depending on how mixinto works (I don’t know exactly), it either just adds to the existing tags, or it replaces them with it’s own. If it’s the second option, then (my guess) is that the problem arises from the Bastioneers mixinto for wood does not have the material tag “wood”.


“material_tags”: “stockpile_wood wood resource”


“material_tags”: “stockpile_wood raw_wood resource raw_material”

The same thing is probably happening with clay, if this is the problem.


are you planing on adding a stone farming hoe or are you going to leave the wooden farming hoe as the only way to make farming possible. i just think that a stone one that could be crafted by the refiner would fit the mod better. but tell me what you think.


I can’t play with the bastioneers mod. Game throws an error when I try to build Refineer’s Platform, and I can’t build it.


Here is a screenshot of the error stated above


That would be because somewhere in the mod, the mod is trying to call “stonehearth:jobs:refineer:platform” (i’m guessing), but obviously stonehearth doesn’t have that. Mod-maker just needs to change it so its “Bastioneers:jobs:refineer:platform”


Just a heads up @Wharp. The mod is not working in alpha21, it gives error at the customize hearthling screen (after you set kingdom, biome, and difficult)


Wondering if this mod will be updated again. Rather liked the little 'Neers!


Please update and upload onto the Steam workshop! I loved this mod! It’s really a shame it’s been outdated for so long!