[Mod] (A20) The Bastioneers! More Dangerous (and Mod-Friendly) Than Ever! Help me test for A20!


are you going to update the mod for alpha 19 or is the mod on hold for updating it.


Not atm, as I have no time during school to dig into the changes :frowning:


oh ok. good to know about the halt of progress.


Please update wharp <3 I would love to play this race!


Update this pleasseee ;_;


he has school to work on. thats why he has not updated it.


Any update soon? Would love to try this!


Bastioneers have been updated to Alpha 20! I’ve been doing internal testing and things seem to be working properly but I need others’ help to squash any bugs! Please let me know if you find any!



You uploaded an older version, the manifest says version 2.


Thanks for the heads up! for some reason the github didn’t actually update…Plus I have to update the drive, my bad!


Bug reports:

I bought some clothes from a shop, the worker red outfit has a bug in the feet

The same with the green outfit, it also has some red parts in it in the front, I’m not sure what it is.

The mushroom asks for clay, but the icon in the recipe is from clay bricks (I only had 6 clays, but no clay bricks)

The footman actually requires a level 3 trapper, but the job selection says it only requires a level 2. (I had the sword)

Forgot to take a screenshot, but if you select the workbench of the refineer, at the bottom left there is the “show craft window” button, but it does not work, the only way to open the craft window is from the crafter or the main craft menu (with all crafter icons)

Some items are affecting the other kingdoms. For example, the wood is unusable. A carpenter can’t even craft their workshop.


It would be really nice to have some templates included! Just basics to give us a feel of how they see their default builds, and players can later expand and customize the style.


It keeps crashing for me. I select them and click on a biome to start and the game crashes.


Loads without the Biome suggested in the OP. If I enable the biome the game will not load. Version 0.20.0 (Release 699).
Side note. Games loads fine with the Biome enabled and not the Bastioneers mod. So there is a conflict between the 2.


Yeah sadly I’m aware of this but it’s an issue with the biome that I cannot dig into


What error do you get? Any other mods?


I didn’t get an error at all, it just clashed the program. In terms of other mods I have the cooking mod installed and a few biome mods. What I’ll do though is later today I’ll remove all non base mods and try starting it up and let you know if there is any issue. (If it does work I’ll add in all my other mods one by one and let you know which one it is having an issue with.)


Sadly, Bastioneers does not work with Anorien biome currently. It has some custom setting for Bastioneers that broke in the most recent alpha.


Damn Bruno, you da real MVP! I think I’ve fixed all these :merry: Thanks for catching them.

On the note of template, I did have some at one point idk why they disappeared :forlorn: :forlorn: I will add them again! :jubilant:


It seems that the current version of this mod does not count either raw clay nor clay bricks as the clay required for the recipes, making it impossible to craft anything clay based (like bricks and mushrooms).

Further really like the setting of this mod, making the race focussed on progression through the 3 different trees, making it feel like a real achievement when you finally reach the upper tier crafters.


And logs, I even tried playing as other races and when playing the Ascendancy my carpenter couldn’t do anything. I was like “the stockpile is full of wood dangit!”