Minor Bugs and AI Problems I


Hello! I want to begin this by saying your game is great, though I will mention a few things that may need to be worked on so that you guys can continue to move forward in your progression. Its two main bugs and a possible idea for solutions and features.

Bug one is that my hearthlings sometimes break the rules of physics and randomly float through walls when walking around. It mainly happens when they are carrying something, so keep that in mind. However, it makes for the occasional problem, which is the next bug.

Hearthlings sometimes get stuck in the ground. As it works, I’m not always sure how they wind up there. Sometimes its because of bug #1, others I just look over and only notice them because they are getting hungry. But the only measure to get them out is to dig into the ground and I don’t know of any means to ‘terraform’ and refill a hole in the ground with dirt and grass.

Ideas and Thoughts:

Not all bugs can be wholly fixed, however, if you can’t seem to find a solution for the stuck in the ground bug, then see if you can’t possibly add the ability to terraform… To remove dirt and grass blocks and replace them when you feel you need to. Not only will this allow the bug to be moved around for now, if you can’t figure it out, but it will also unlock some potential in future building as people begin to shape the land into what they want.

I did not want to list this one in bugs as its more of an AI problem than a bug, per se. When mining and such (such as digging stairways up cliffs as I dislike ladders and so do my hearthlings), the AI has the tendency of getting themselves stuck, on a floating block, high into the air. Its not a hard problem to fix as I just need to place a ladder to get them down and break the final few blocks, but it can be tedious if some intense things are occurring and you have to pause everything to get Bill off a physic-defying block because his mining technique isn’t up to snuff. Also… They usually can’t get down from this block because it is too high… So they end up starving on that block if they are not noticed.

As stated, I’m loving Stonehearth and always have the urge to call it Hearthstone and I play both games frequently. It makes for a good laugh every now and again. I hope you guys continue to work hard to forward this game because it is but a spark for its future potential and I cannot wait to see what comes next. Have a good day.


It sounds like you’re playing on the latest stable release. Those bugs sound like things that have since been fixed (or fixed for all but the rarest cases) in the latest unstable releases. A new stable release should be coming soon if you prefer to stay on stable.