Minor bug: ghost fence

It seems that a stone fence i placed has become a ghost

I am able to move the fence (which i have done a couple of times to see if it will be place) but i can’t remove it

As you can see from the picture i have one in stock to place and if i try to place another it won’t unless i make another.

This has been like this for around 4 hours worth of game play (un-paused)
anyone have any suggestions how to get rid of it

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Hello, @littlestick :smile:

Normally the ghost would remain if no hearthling has placed yet the item, but if you played during 4 hours and they didn’t have enough time to pick it and place it, it’s a bug.

Was the fence reachable by them? Maybe it was in some place that they couldn’t access so they didn’t go to find it.

Otherwise, for removing it, try either with the “Clear” command from the harvest menu (the one with the axe and pick icon) or open the console with Ctrl-C, select the ghost fence, and type destroy, then press Enter.

right ok, you’ll be pleased to hear the ghost fence is no longer haunting me (Ctrl-C, who knew it was such a good exorcising tool)

however it seems the bug has evolved as i have checked all my stock piles and crates and the fence is nowhere to be found, but i still have the facility to place it

Maybe it’s in someone’s backpack? It should be somewhere, even if it’s bugged…

Well, if you’re seeing it after having destroyed it, maybe the UI needs a refresh :astonished:

nope i checked them all (all 50 of them) it’s not there

It’s weird. If you could upload your savefile somewhere (GoogleDrive, Dropbox, or other free file hosting) maybe the devs can take a look at it :confused:

I’m guessing that your town is pretty large, by now :sweat_smile: so I’m not sure how much could be the size for the savefile…

here you go this is the best i can do hope it helps

this seems to be the same as the bug with the picket fences, and crates, that i saw awhile back.


This happens with crates pretty frequently. It’s the classic ‘ghost’ item bug. Hopefully its fixed in a future build.