Mining UI appears through trees

Other objects may or may not be affected, didn’t check. In this screengrab, you can see the mining “allowed” UI appears when mousing over the tree. If you click it appears to mark the ground behind the tree for mining.

thanks for the reports @jonzoid, and the associated animated gifs… they really go a long way towards explaining the issue… :+1:

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Still an issue in Dev 2611. The only difference is that now the trees highlight when they are moused over. :slight_smile: I am also pretty sure that I’ve seen trees go into “ghost” mode when hovering over them with the mining tool at one point, but I can’t seem to reproduce that.

Hey @Albert, this is still an issue in release 472. It seems that if the cursor is on top of a tree, but based on the angle is also touching mineable ground then one can create a zone “through” a tree. You cannot however mine underneath a tree, so I am not sure if this is a bug, as much as a ui design choice…

This was intentional (at the time) to allow you to drag a mining zone smoothly behind trees when there is a lot of clutter.